Getting it Ready to Print

     Primary applications used at Graphic Web are InDesign, QuarkXpress, Photoshop and Acrobat. Any layouts submitted in Word programs may incur additional costs. All jobs must be submitted in PDF format with graphics and fonts embedded into file. Although many applications have the ability to export your job to a PDF, we recommend using Acrobat Distiller to create your PDF file. Exporting from the application may cause problems with reproduction of graphics and fonts. Please review a few of the steps for submitting pdf files below. Before submitting job please follow all submission guidelines, click here to download File Submission Guidelines. Please follow PDF settingsclick here to download PDF settings

Customer Approval form must be submitted before printing job. Click here to download Customer Approval Form. Please complete, sign, and send to: fax 866-708-0047, email

Any jobs submitted with bleed MUST include 1/4” for bleed on all sides.

     All documents should be set up as single or facing pages. Do not set up as printer spreads. Page size should be built as final trim size of document. To prevent any image or text from being trimmed off, all images must be 1/4” inside trim edge of layout. Any images meant to extend into the edge of the layout must be extended 1/4” past trim area in order to bleed.

     If you have large areas of solid black in your document you may use a RICH black consisting of 60% cyan, 40% magenta & 40% yellow, 100% black. DO NOT use small reverse type or small images in the RICH black areas as they will not register well.

     Blue consist of a combination of cyan and magenta. The higher the level of ma- genta, the more likely your blue will turn to a purple. The magenta level should be at least 35% lower than the cyan level to avoid a purple look.

     All photos should be submitted as no less than 300 dpi. Bitmapped images should have a resolution of 1200. Colors should be converted to CMYK in all color images.

     Selecting your paper for your print job can be quite challenging. Paper can be your largest expense in the printing of your job. Paper can also make quite a difference in the look and feel of the finished piece. There are a lot of considerations in the choice of your you need durability? will your job fold? do you need a lighter weight for mailing budget? do you want high gloss or matt finish?

     Let Graphic Web help you with any questions you may have in the job preparation process. Our experience in the printing industry can help save you time and money.